Thursday, 17 July 2008

Life is too short for the wrong Job! - Hilarious Ads

I came across these ads for a German job-search website and i had to share the hilarity!


Nic said...

These ads are fantastic. The picture of this one isn't here, but my favourite is the bloke in the cigarette machine. He's just got that look on his face, the look that tells you he's just one sarcastic remark away from being sacked. :)

But seriously, this campaign is absolutely right. It might sound idealistic, particularly with the graduate jobs market the way it is right now, but life is too short to be in the wrong job. Too short by far. That's not to say that no-one should have to work until they find their dream job, but I do honestly believe that no-one should have to work in a job that makes them profoundly miserable. Chase your dream by all means, but don't assume that just because the job you have isn't part of that dream that must mean that it's useless. Most jobs will be teaching you something new, something valuable that you can take forward.

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