Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Beware of the Goonch

--This picture is of a small Goonch--

I'm not an amphibious individual, so the ocean, sea, or swimming pool are not going to be places I frequent.

However being the cautious individual I am, I make a point of knowing all the predatory animals and their natural humour me;

Lions - African plains, (Kenya, South Africa to name but 2 places)
Tigers - Asian jungle, (India, Siberia to name but 2 places)
Sharks - Australian, Pacific, African coasts/oceans

OK so your getting the know the beasts above and are familiar with their varied abilities and strengths... Right, well ladies and gentlemen I bring you "The Goonch" ....yes that's right "The Goonch"......"what is it, with a name like that it can't be scary" I hear you say?.........Wrong!

--This is a man eating Goonch--

A distant cousin of the 'Cat Fish'(Siluriformes) this bad boy can grow to 200lbs and 6ft long. "The Goonch" inhabits many waters of the world but attention needs to be drawn to the Goonch's of India. Apparently they have been accused of "developing a taste" for human flesh!

I know crazy right? So here's how it happens, in India the remains of funeral pyres are set into the Great Kali river, this river is inhabited by, guessed it, "The Goonch", so the remains of people past have been consumed by the behemoth fishzilla and thus a thirst for more was born.

Despite my somewhat 'blahzay' account of this it is quite serious, the Goonch's have been hunting live humans! However there have only been 3 reported instances of Goonch's snatching people.
Amongst the victims are one 18yr old last week, a 17yr old in April 1988 and then 3 months later another young boy was pulled below the surface.

People please don't swim, bath or play in the Great Kali river, it could be the end of you!


Anonymous said...

simple simon, i love your mind baby...give us more! your great!!!

Anonymous said...

i know this is a little late... but your big fish pic is actually a mekong giant catfish (pangasius gigas) not a goonch

Anonymous said...

I think you may have a point there.....Ooooops

Anonymous said...

The first fish is a Lake Trout. A very big Lake Trout. Judging by the landscape, probably Canada or Alaska.

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And this is why I am scared of swimming! This is proof and I am sending a link to all of those people who give me a hard time about this fear.

Dentist Los Angeles said...

Um, I was already nervous about swimming in the ocean because of sharks but now that I know of these things that would seem harmless, I'm NEVER going in the water when I visit India!!

Tours of the Vatican said...

Wait, What? Are you saying that the big catfish relative lives in a river? Is their no body of water that is safe from man eating fish?

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