Thursday, 24 April 2008

My Lion versus your Tiger

Remember having heated debates at school about who would win in a Lion Vs Tiger fight?
Did you sit and think "How comes I haven't seen them fight before" (come on you were only little, them being continents apart wouldn't have occurred to you!)
Some bright scientist (Mr. Thomas Atkins) decided "If you make Lions and Tigers breed they will make super predators" .....please! If you mix a black man with a chinese woman you don't get a fast running, high kicking Kung fu master do you?......NO!

Anyway, the scientist have done their experiements and the results are below:
(Please hit 'Read More' for Liger facts)

1. The cross breeding of Lions and Tigers has been going on since 1824 (hugely unsuccessful in early years for many reasons)

2. This type of breeding only occurs in captivity (Lions are from Africa and Tigers from Asia, some people might say "what about mountain Lions in America" what about them....their not real Lions, they are actually more related to smaller cats.

3. Despite popular belief the results of this merge are not what you would expect, Ligers are very heavy, quite dosile, poor hunters and have short that is everything the scientists were trying to avoid!

4. The merge between the two species (the abomination that it is) has actually taken both donor parties strengths, amplified them and made them into weaknesses, Ligers are almost twice the size and weight of normal Lions or Tigers with half the speed and endurance.

5. The process of breeding these animals can be quite cruel so don't encourage it by increasing your demand to see them!

6. Left to nature this mix would never have happend!

7. Liger = Male Lion and Female Tiger
Tigon = Male Tiger and Female Lion
Li-Liger = Male Lion and Female Liger
Li-Tigon = Male Lion and Female Tigon
Ti-Liger = Male Tiger and Female Liger
Ti-Tigon = Male Tiger and Female Tigon

Oh yes these scientist have really gone to town with this one, but notice something, a male Liger is never used for breeding and there aren't any Liger on Liger combinations........if anyone knows why please post an explanation in comments, I am very interested to hear the reasoning behind this.


Ben said...

"If you mix a black man with a chinese woman you don't get a fast running, high kicking Kung fu master do you?......NO!"

You get Liger Woods

Simple Simon said...


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