Sunday, 20 April 2008

Things you REALLY NEED! - The inflatable Toast Mattress

Im wondering to myself WHO exactly might buy one of these....and for what reason? i guess it would be a talking point for guests, but.....would they actually want to stay at your house again after sleeping on a giant piece of toast??


Heres the website description:

"Breakfast in bed? No, breakfast IS the bed! Sleeping on this giant 6' by 7' Inflatable Toast Mattress is likely to make you dream that you are a pad of butter and that you are floating down a river of freshly brewed coffee. In reality, you should not use the Inflatable Toast Mattress as a flotation device nor should you expose it to excessive heat. This piece of toast is made of plastic, not bread, so if you wake up and smell burning toast, you are probably just having a stroke."

You can purchase it here: Archie Mcphee

Price: £85/$170


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