Monday, 2 June 2008

Respect My Skills Part 1

We've all seen the TV talent shows and contests and marvalled at some of the talent on display, however there are always the 'special' few that miss the exposure and we never see them.

Anyway, I have put together a small collection of young talent from all over the world for your visual and audio delight.......

First up we have this entry from Turkey! This brimming young talent is called Yunus, the instrument he's murdering is called a Darbuka and he can really play

Yunus playing as very young child

Entry two is of a 5yr old girl of asian (far east) origin (not sure where so can't say), she is playing the Piano and the song is Fur Elisa by Beethoven

I don't know about you but I'm starting to feel talentless......

Third on the list is American born Tony Royster Jr, this little guy (12yrs old) is playing the drums and the piece he is playing he composed himself as a tribute. This guy is something special a well spent 8mins...

I'm going to go and cry now, due to my lack of talent!

There will be more soon........(I'm gonna try and learn some guitar solo or something!)


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