Thursday, 5 June 2008

Out of control 10 year old kid SLAPS his own Mother!!

Dr. Phil recently featured Wendy and her 10-year-old son Noah. Ever since her young daughter passed away from cancer, Noah has been out of control. He has even called CPS and told them she was abusing him.

In the clip below, Noah slaps his mum in the face! The woman must be on a 10-minute delay because it's like she doesn't realize that he even slapped her! WTF!?!?

Noah and Latarian Milton should hook up so they can go and do "hood rat stuff" together.


Ben said...

i think somebody need to goto austria and stay with uncle josef for a while

Angelika said...

What I think happened was that she knew she got slapped, she was about to get medieval on his ass, then she remembered the cameras.

Cameras would not have saved my son if he lost his mind and slapped me, though.

Janice said...

If my son did that to me, CPS or not he'd get walloped.There are issues with the daughter dying but they both need help.Sheeesh

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