Thursday, 5 June 2008


This guy goes absolutely berserk in his office! It all gets captured on the CCTV camera. I wish i knew what caused this! Maybe he hadn't had his caffine fix that morning! LOL

Someone filmed this "outburst" from another angle on thier mobile can view it here: LiveLeak


Ben said...

lol @ 0:36 someone CUT out the door at the back

who hasn't wanted to kick off like that though? the guy had just maxed out his super bar so needed to doo a bit of back back forward forward AAB


funny how long it took for a colleague to grow some cojones and take him down though, if that happened at my office he'd be in the gutter getting a hefty shoeing before he even touched a monitor

blubee said...

Check out the audio version starring Stewie Griffith.
Even better.

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