Monday, 30 June 2008

The Doody Family is UK's #1 Fan of Faggots!

"The great British faggot is full of flavour and a great belly warmer at this time of year."

A West Midlands family is playing a central role in the quest to raise the profile of a forgotten British dish - faggots!

The Doody family from Wolverhampton has been crowned "The Faggot Family" in a national competition, and to kick off their reign they will launch National Faggot Week.

The family will be touring the country extolling the virtues of the dish, which is best-known for its links with the Black Country.

The Doody family were chosen to front the campaign after impressing judges at the Savoy Hotel in London in November....

Fans of faggots also created this book which you can view by clicking on the picture!

Quick Faggot facts:
Faggots were called "savoury ducks" in the Middle Ages
Faggots were named after the Latin word for bundle
Faggots were originally made with pig's liver and offal
Faggots are now made from pork liver and pork


Simple Simon said...

You can't beat a faggot.....well.....yes you can......but I think its illegal.....or is it?.....

I've never eaten a faggot be fair I doubt I ever will.....I mean its hardly gonna be on your "must do before die list" item 6 "Must eat faggots"!

I wonder why they called it the Black Country......there probably werent any blacks there at the time.....which is strange cos I'm sure White City ....had....white....peopl.....where is all this going??????

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