Thursday, 3 July 2008

Southern fried heart attack - Introducing "The Lady's Brunch Burger"

Yes…your eyes aren’t deceiving you…that’s a beef hamburger with a fried egg on top of it, then bacon on top of that, all nestled between two glazed donuts!

Feeling lucky? Well heres the recipe: Click! Click! Click!

Want more vein clogging madness from Paula Deen? Read on......

Im wondering if Paula Deen is trying to kill us all?!?!

"Lady's Fried Mac"

Pretty self explanatory…..but the devil’s in the details. Look closely at the right vertical side…between the fried crust and the mac and cheese. Bacon…she wrapped the mac and cheese in bacon first, then fried it!!
Recipe: Click! Click! Click!

"Fried Butter Balls"

No, I am not making that up, and yes, the recipe really is what it sounds like: Deep-fried. Balls. Of. Butter. You mix butter with cream cheese, shape it into balls, freeze them, and then drop them in the deep-fryer.
Recipe: Click! Click! Click!

Ill just go and get the defibrillator ready now........

Or....why not skip all this and get this book:

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Simple Simon said...

We're all fat now anyway....this won't make too much of a

Anonymous said...

Speak for yourself....LOL

Mikey D said...

"Look out McGriddle here comes the Doughnut Ham-Hamburger!" - Jim Gaffigan Beyond the Pale

Lotuzz said...

Yum!But I think I'm not gonna like it..because the donut bun is honey-glazed. Is it? I don't want a sweet burger.LOL

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