Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Soulja Boy is bigger than I realised Soulja boy fever hit us back in May 2007.......or whenever it was and we were all "You! Crank dat Soulja boy" at the most random and inappropriate times.....anyway on the back of Soulja boys commercial success we had a whole raft of remix's, parodies and international covers.....on the back of seeing one today that I must have missed, I thought I would share in the entertainment and offer you this selection of Soulja Boy hilarity!
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Crank that Kosher Boy....yes this is a Jewish remix!

Crank dat curry sauce...the Indian remix!

Crank dat Naija boy....the Nigerian remix

Who do you think wins?

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Joyfalula said...

Great Post!!

Remember the soulja girl remix we posted about not too long ago? LMAO

Soulja Girl

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